Coronavirus Airline & Flight Suspensions: Live Updates

This article is being updated as we uncover news of other flight cancelations. Please refresh or return later for the most up to date information. Please contact Simple Flying with any suspensions or cancelations we may have missed.

Latest update 02/04/2020@14:15 UTC.

The coronavirus outbreak is continuing to spread across the globe. While organizations try to figure out how to best counter the virus, airlines are increasingly suspending flights to China. Data from Cirium indicates that nearly 10,000 flights have been canceled since January 23rd through January 28th. Even if your airline is not on this list or has not yet announced flight cancellations, the advice is to check before traveling to the airport whether the service is likely to go ahead.

For those airlines that are still flying, most are offering travel waivers for passengers booked to fly to or from mainland China. This means you should be able to rebook or cancel without any financial penalty.

British Airways, Airbus A380
The United Kingdom government is advising against travel to China during this sensitive time. Photo: Getty Images

The 2019-nCoV strain traces its roots back to Wuhan, China. This city and surrounding areas are reporting the most cases of the infection. According to CBS News, 132 people have died due to the outbreak. Additionally, there are over 5,900 confirmed cases of infection in China alone.

Since air travel is one of the quickest ways that a virus can spread across continents, several carriers have canceled some or all of their flights to China. Here is a look at which airlines have canceled at least parts of their services to the country.

Air Astana

As per the government order, Air Astana along will all Kazakhstan airlines will suspend flights to China from the 3rd February onwards.

Air Canada

Air Canada has now suspended all flights to China, including Beijing and Shanghai. In a statement the airline said,

“Air Canada’s last flights departing Canada will operate today and the return flights will operate from Beijing and Shanghai tomorrow, January 30, 2020. Affected customers will be notified and offered options, including travel on other carriers where available, or a full refund. Air Canada regrets this situation and apologizes for the serious disruption to our customers’ travel plans,”

British Airways, Coronavirus, China Cancellations
Medical institutions have been busy trying to assist those affected by the Wuhan outbreak in the last month. Photo: Getty Images

Air France

Announced at lunchtime on the 30th of January, Air France will be suspending all flights to Chinese destinations apart from Hong Kong. We don’t yet have details of how long this suspension is expected to last.

Air India

The carrier owned by the government of India, China’s neighbor, is reducing its amount of flights to Hong Kong. The carrier will suspend its Delhi to Shanghai and Delhi to Hong Kong services completely from the 8th February to the 14th.


The Economic Times reports that this Myanmar-based airline has confirmed it will halt flights to the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou from February 1.

Air Macau

Business Insider reports that Air Macau has canceled flights to Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, and Hangzhou, but only for the date of the 7th of February. No other cancellations have been observed.

Air Mauritius

In a news release dated 29 January 2020, Air Mauritius has taken the decision to suspend all its flights to Shanghai with effect 31 January 2020.

Air Seoul

The South Korean outfit operates three weekly flights Zhangjiajie and two weekly flights to Linyi, both of which have been suspended.

Air Tanzania

Air Tanzania was planning to launch its inaugural flight to China from its country’s capital of Dar es Salaam. However, this 787 Dreamliner flight has now been pushed back indefinitely.

American Airlines

From the 31st January, American Airlines has suspended all flights to mainland China until March 27th.

All Nippon Airways

Like most of the Japanese airlines, ANA had attempted to continue to provide service to all but Wuhan in China. However, due to decreased demand, the airline is now scaling back services. The latest information is that ANA will halt its services between Narita and Beijing from next Monday (9th Feb) through March 29. ANA said it will also halve its Haneda-Beijing services to seven flights a week.

Asiana Airlines

The Korean outfit is halting services to Guilin, Changsha, and Haikou from as early as this weekend.

Asiana is cutting flights from the weekend onwards. Photo: Asiana Airlines

Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines sent Simple Flying a statement regarding its flight cancellations. It read:

The safety of our passengers and employees is our top priority. After a thorough evaluation of all currently available information on the Corona virus, Austrian Airlines has decided to suspend its flights to and from China until including 29 February 2020. This affects the destinations Beijing and Shanghai. Initially the flights had been suspended until 9 February. After safety for our passengers and employees, the drop in bookings on these routes is a secondary reason for the suspension. Austrian Airlines will continue to monitor the Corona virus situation on an ongoing basis and is in contact with the responsible authorities.

Passengers whose flights have been cancelled can of course rebook free of charge for flights at a later date or receive a refund on request. This also applies to passengers holding an issued ticket for a flight to and from China with a departure date up to 31 March. The new journey has to take place at the latest by 30 September 2020. In addition, passengers who were booked on cancelled flights to and from China are able to rebook on flights of our Joint Venture Partner Air China. This applies to passengers with a ticket issued by Lufthansa, SWISS or Austrian Airlines and flights with an LH, LX, or OS flight number. Austrian Airlines operated five weekly flights to Beijing and four to Shanghai until the end of January 2020.

Beijing Capital Airlines

Capital is still operating its routes as normal but is allowing passengers to change flights for free in a bid to slow the pandemic. A statement on its website reads,

In order to carry out the joint prevention and control of the 2019-nCoV epidemic and implement the requirements established by Civil Aviation Administration of China, we hereby provide free change service.

Further details on this are available at the website.

British Airways

The airline just confirmed that it has suspended all flights to mainland China until the end of the week. It had also started to offer opportunities for changes and refunds to the region since the beginning of the week.

Cathay Pacific

The flag carrier of Hong Kong is the airline in closest proximity to the most sensitive region in regards to the outbreak.

Therefore, it has decided to cut its services by half. Meanwhile, flights to Wuhan conducted by Cathay Dragon, its sister company have been completely stopped.

Cathay Pacific facemasks
Cathay Pacific will be closely communicating with the Chinese government regarding how to handle operations. Photo: Getty Images

Cebu Pacific

The airline’s website suggests that flights are not being canceled entirely, but that they will be scaled back. The flight reduction begins on February 5 and is expected to last until the end of March. A statement on the website reads,

In light of developments related to the Wuhan Coronavirus, Cebu Pacific will be reducing flights between the Philippines, mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau from February 5 to March 29, 2020.

Passengers affected by flight cancellations have been notified through the contact details provided upon booking. They may also check the status of their flights through the Manage Booking portal in the Cebu Pacific website,

The following options are made available for passengers on canceled flights:

  • Rebook the flight (new flight date within 30 days of original travel date)
  • Refund the tickets in full
  • Store the value of the ticket in a Travel Fund for future use

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank our passengers for their understanding.

China Airlines

China Airlines has canceled some flights to mainland China, but not all of them. Passengers are being required to fill out a health declaration form.

China Eastern

Since the start of the outbreak, China Eastern has canceled 1,591 flights across its domestic and international network. 1,529 of those were domestic services and 62 were international. There is no blanket ban on flights, but there are still many cancelations. Check with the airline if you are booked to fly.

China Southern

The Guangzhou-based airline estimates it will be flying to Wuhan again in just over a month. According to its schedule, the Wuhan flights start again on 1st March with two daily flights to Bangkok and three daily flights to Dubai. In the meantime, passengers can avail of some relaxation of flight cancellation and change fees, as per the airline’s recent tweet:

Delta Air Lines

The US carrier, which has a 5 percent stake in China Eastern, has now canceled all flights to mainland China. This will be in effect between February 6 and April 30.

Eastar Jet

Korean airline Eastar Jet is suspending service to numerous Chinese cities. The suspension is expected to last into late February or perhaps early March. Full details are available on the website.


Reuters is reporting that EgyptAir will suspend all flights to and from China starting on February 1st. Specifically, flights to and from Hangzhou will be suspended on the 1st followed by flights to and from Guangzhou and Beijing on February 4th. The suspension is reported to last until further notice.

El Al

Haaretz reports that, as of today, El Al is suspending its flights to Beijing from Tel Aviv. The airline expects to resume on March 25th, but will be waiting to see if the situation improves by then before this is confirmed. Its flight scheduled for today is unaffected.

Coronavirus, evacuation, quarantine
Airlines around the world are taking action to deal with Coronavirus. Photo: Getty Images


The UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) has issued a blanket ban on flights to and from China, excluding Beijing. This will come into effect on the 5th February. The GCAA said in a statement:

“We continue to put our confidence in the Chinese government’s efforts to control and contain the situation.” It added that people traveling from Beijing International Airport will undergo a six- to eight-hour comprehensive medical screening at the airport before boarding.


The UAE’s ban on flights to China apart from Beijing also affects this carrier.

Eva Air

Action News Jax reports that the Taiwanese airline has placed partial cancellations of flights to and from mainland China for two weeks from February 2nd. In addition, the carrier also has stopped providing certain amenities on its flights to help reduce the risk of spreading infections.


Finnair prides itself as a link between Europe and Asia. However, it has announced that it will cease flying to mainland China with immediate effect, with a view to resuming service after the 29th of February.

Hong Kong Airlines

HKA is cutting the number of flights to the mainland by about half through to the end of March in response to government virus-control efforts.


The national carrier of Spain is suspending its three weekly return services between Madrid and Shanghai.

WTMJ reports that the suspension will start tomorrow and continue through February. However, this move could be extended depending on how the situation develops.

Iberia has now joined several other airlines in amending its operations to China. Photo: Airbus


The popular Indian carrier is suspending services to Chengdu and Hong Kong from February 1st to February 20th. Its operation to Guangzhou from Kolkata is also suspended from February 6th to February 26th.

Italian airlines

The Local reports that the Italian government has announced it will suspend all flights between Italy and China. It has declared a state of emergency in the country after doctors confirmed two Chinese tourists in Rome had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Japan Airlines

JAL attempted to continue with a ‘business as usual’ mentality but has been forced to cut back flights due to lack of demand. The latest update says that JAL will suspend its flights between Narita International Airport and Beijing from Feb. 17 through March 28.

Jetstar Asia

Singaporean company JetStar is canceling it’s flights to Hefei, Guiyang, and Xuzhou. These suspensions will last from January 30 until the end of March.

Jetstar Japan

Jetstar Japan said on Monday (3rd Feb) it will suspend flights connecting Narita and Shanghai. Services on the route will be suspended from Wednesday to March 28. The low-cost carrier has been operating one round-trip flight per day between Narita and Shanghai.

Kazakhstan’s airlines

Sharing a long border with far western China, Kazakhstan has announced yesterday that it plans to suspend all flights, train and bus traffic across the border. It will also halt issuing visas to Chinese nationals. Before the suspension, there were 24 flights a week from Kazakhstan to China, including a daily flight to Ürümqi, the capital of Xinjiang.

Kenya Airways

Kenya’s national flag carrier has suspended all flights to and from China with immediate effect. Kenya Airways said consultations are ongoing with the ministries of health and foreign affairs on the length of the suspension.


KLM is cutting its number of flights to Chinese destinations due to a drop in bookings. From Thursday, services to Chengdu and Hangzhou have been suspended.

Meanwhile, flights to Xiamen will be temporarily stopped from Friday. Furthermore, flights to Shanghai have been cut to seven per week.

KLM coronavirus
KLM is cutting some flights. Photo: KLM

Korean Air

Korean Air has updated its schedules. Several routes, such as to Wuhan from Seoul, are already under suspension. Meanwhile, other flights will continue to operate for a few days before being suspended in February. The full list of affected flights can be found here.

Lion Air

Lion Air serves 15 destinations in China. However, it will be halting all of its flights to the mainland.

LOT Polish

On Friday 31st January, LOT Polish announced it would be temporarily suspending flights to China.


Today, Lufthansa confirmed that it will cut services to mainland China until the end of February. These include operations to Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Qingdao, and Shenyang. At the moment flights to Hong Kong aren’t impacted.

The airline originally said it would be stopping China flights until February 9th, including those run by subsidiaries Swiss and Austrian Airlines. In an updated statement, the group said it was now halting flights to and from Beijing and Shanghai until February 29th.

The destinations of Nanjing, Shenyang and Qingdao in eastern China will not be served until March 28th, it added.

Lufthansa tails getty images
Lufthansa only recently shared its immediate plans for its services to China. Photo: Getty Images

Myanmar Airways International

This airline will stop charter services to China and is ceasing its scheduled services to Guangzhou from today. There is no indication of when flights will resume.

Coronavirus Airline & Flight Suspensions: Live Updates

Pakistan’s Airlines

Pakistan’s civil aviation authority has suspended all flights to China for its country’s airlines. “We are suspending flights to China until Feb 2,” Senior Joint Secretary of aviation Abdul Sattar Khokhar told Reuters. He added that the situation would be reviewed after that date.

Philippine Airlines

All charter services to China have been canceled for Philippine Airlines. This affects services to Shanghai, Nanjing, and Hangzhou. Scheduled services are continuing for the time being, but passengers are allowed flight changes for free. A statement from the airline read,

Charter flights between Kalibo and parts of China (Nanjing/ Hangzhou / Pudong Shanghai) have been suspended, as the Chinese authorities implemented precautionary measures to restrict outbound tourist travel from mainland China.

We continue to maintain our scheduled flights between Manila and Beijing, Pudong Shanghai, Guangzhou, Jinjiang, Xiamen, Hong Kong and Macau. We will advise if there are any changes based on our daily assessment of the situation and the slowdown in travel from China.


The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Qantas will suspend its services to mainland China from next Sunday due to entry restrictions imposed by other countries as a result of the coronavirus.

The airline said it would halt its services from Sydney to Beijing and Sydney to Shanghai from February 9 until March 29.


Qatar Airways will suspend flights to mainland China from Monday until further notice, the carrier said on Saturday. It said it was encountering “significant operation challenges caused by entry restrictions imposed by several countries,” following the coronavirus outbreak in China.

Royal Air Maroc

According to Sam Chui: The airline closed reservation for 3 weekly Casablanca – Beijing Daxing service, from February 6th 2020 to February 29th 2020 (Casablanca departure, February 8th 2020 is available for reservation).


Simple Flying has been sent notice that Rwandair will be canceling its flight to the Chinese city of Guangzhou. The statement in full read:

RwandAir is to suspend flights with immediate effect between the Rwandan capital, Kigali, and the Chinese city of Guangzhou. The decision will be reviewed later in February.

The move follows the declaration of a Public Health Emergency of International Concern by the World Health Organisation, the WHO, in relation to the coronavirus outbreak.

Affected passengers will be re-routed, refunded or allowed to change their tickets to a later date. Flights from Kigali to Mumbai will continue as per schedule.

The Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority is in the process of notifying other airlines entering Rwanda that any passengers on board their aircraft, who have travelled from China, will upon arrival be screened for potential exposure to novel coronavirus, and may be quarantined for two weeks for observation and case management.


Scandinavian Airline SAS has issued a statement to Simple Flying regarding the suspension of its flights. The statement reads:

The safety of our passengers and employees is our highest priority. After evaluating the situation in China regarding the Coronavirus, SAS has decided to suspend all flights to and from Shanghai and Beijing, as from tomorrow Friday 31st January, until February 9th.

SAS will also close sales for all flights to and from Shanghai and Beijing until February 29th. SAS will operate the scheduled flights outbound from Copenhagen to Shanghai and Beijing today including homebound flights from Shanghai and Beijing to Copenhagen.

Hong Kong will be serviced as scheduled, and SAS will continue to monitor the situation in constant dialogue with authorities regarding information about the situation.

Refunds and rebooking possibilities are offered for affected passengers.

Passengers holding a ticket issued on or before 28th January for a flight to and from Shanghai and Beijing between 10th February and 29th February, also have the possibility to rebook once free of charge to a flight on the original route or to cancel the trip.

Customers traveling to, from or via Hong Kong may voluntarily change their reservation or request a refund.


Early on Friday 31st, Singapore’s low-cost airline Scoot announced on its Facebook page that it would suspend flights to 11 cities and reduce flights to eight other cities. However, later in the day, it said it would suspend all flights between Singapore and mainland China from Feb 8, in line with a stepping up of precautions by the government.

SkyUp Airlines

This Ukrainian carrier has announced it will suspend all Chinese flights. A post on the airline’s Facebook page (translated) reads,

From the beginning we carefully follow the development of the situation with the koronavírusom that fell in China. Despite the fact that the ministry of health of Ukraine and deržavíaslužba is not recommended to stop combinations between countries, we have decided to pause flying to China from February 3 to March The security of our tourists has the highest priority for us.

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Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines has stopped flying to Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai. The suspension of services is planned to last until March 1st.

Swiss Air Lines

Swiss has stopped all of its flights to Mainland China from Zurich. These include its operations to Beijing and Shanghai.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines has announced that it has suspended its flights to Chinese cities of Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Xian until February 9 due to the coronavirus. Bianet reports Press Counsellor Yahya Üstün as saying,“We are suspending our flights to the cities of Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Xian until February 9 to evaluate the situation brought about by the coronavirus and the latest developments with national international authorities.”

United Airlines

The Chicago-based carrier is the first major airline based in the United States to cut services to China. 24 of its flights to the nation will be suspended. Meanwhile, there are waivers available for operations that are still running.

Vietnam’s airlines

On February 1sr, Vietnam banned all its airlines from flying to China. Budget carrier Vietjet Air and the national firm, Vietnam Airlines, aid they would suspend all flights to and from China from February 1st. On the 3rd February, however, Vietnam reinstated flights to flights to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau, although the ban on mainland China remains in place.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic announced on the 31st January that it is suspending flights to mainland China. Business Traveller reports that its daily Shanghai flight will be suspended after Sunday, February 2nd for 14 days. The last return flight to the UK will be flight VS251, arriving at Heathrow on Monday, February 3rd. Flights to Hong Kong, however, will remain normal.

Xiamen Airlines

This Chinese airline has canceled some 837 flights as of the 1st of February. Check with the carrier if you are booked to fly.

Ongoing situation

Airlines will no doubt continue to make cancellations over the next few days. We will update on any further announcements. It is recommended to contact your airline if you are planning to travel to China in the near future.

What are your thoughts on how airlines are handling their flights to China during the coronavirus outbreak? Let us know what you think in the comment section.