Worldwide By easyJet Now Available At Paris Orly Airport

UK based low-cost carrier easyJet has announced that Worldwide by easyJet is now fully operational at Paris Orly airport. The airline has a close cooperation here with two other carriers – Corsair and La Compagnie. Worldwide by easyJet is a baggage handling service which will see easier connections and transfers to other airlines.

Worldwide by easyJet
Worldwide by easyJet is now available at Paris Orly. Photo: easyJet

Worldwide for Paris Orly

Announced on Friday, the new service will enable passengers flying to Paris Orly on easyJet to connect with either La Compagnie or Corsair on a single itinerary. For the airline, its less expensive than a traditional codeshare or interline agreement, but for the passenger, it saves time and makes it easier to undertake a long haul flight on a low-cost carrier network.

The service replicates a codeshare using sales partnerships and self connect facilities. Passengers can book an itinerary containing flights from easyJet, Corsair and La Compagnie through a single booking service. Working in partnership with Dohop, the flights will be subject to a minimum connection time of two and a half hours, and includes transfers to other flights if a connection is missed.

Worldwide by easyJet
Worldwide by easyJet will allow smooth connections to other low-cost carriers. Photo: easyJet

At the point of connecting to another flight, they can then use the self connect desk by the bag carousel to circumnavigate the check-in queues. Once the bag is dropped, passengers will be able to use fast track security in order to save time, making it easier and faster to get to the next leg of their journey.

Launched in 2017, easyJet says Worldwide by easyJet is the first global airline connection service by a European low-cost carrier. In its press release, Francois Bacchetta, France country Director for easyJet commented,

“We are pleased to announce the launch of this additional service in Paris Orly today. easyJet carries 3.6 million passengers to and from Paris Orly to 19 destinations offering many options to customers flying across France and Europe and self connecting in Paris Orly.”

The service is live in 170 airports across easyJet’s network.

Competition for full-service carriers?

Typically, one of the reasons to book on a full-service airline is their extensive networks and easy interlining services. With just one booking, passengers can take long and complicated trips, involving multiple connections where necessary, without needing to recheck bags. Low-cost carriers typically lacked the networks to facilitate this type of service, but times are certainly changing.

JetBlue has made it easy to go transatlantic on low-cost connections. Photo: JetBlue

Aside from efforts by easyJet to simplify low-cost connections, other airlines are attempting to erode the profitability of full-service rivals by setting up their own partnerships. Recently, European budget airline Norwegian linked up with JetBlue, letting passengers from dozens of US cities connect directly to Norwegian’s transatlantic services on a single booking.

For full-service airlines such as Air France-KLM, low-cost airlines are starting to pose a serious threat. Air France-KLM, for one, has hit back, launching ‘Smart Connect’ on its own low-cost arm, Transavia. Also in partnership with Dohop, the airline aims to make it easier to combine multiple flights into one itinerary, but still lacks the ability to connect to other airlines.