WOW Air 2.0 Breaks From Low Cost Tradition With “HonestFares”

WOW Air has announced a return to the skies, albeit with a brand new business model. The airline is offering “HonestFares”, which will include high baggage allowance, cheaper seat selection, and even included meals. If this makes you wonder how an ultra-low-cost airline can manage all this, you’re not alone. So, what is WOW Air’s plan? Let’s find out.

WOW Air plans to return to the skies with the same color but vastly different business plans. Photo: Airbus

A brief history of WOW Air

WOW Air went bankrupt in March 2019 after months of financial struggles arising out of its long-haul, low-cost business model. The airline struggled with profits through its history and when fuel prices rose, it could no longer keep up. However, soon after the airline went under, talk began of resuscitating the airline began. While these plans didn’t pan out, it seems the airline is not dead in the water after all.

WOW Air A320
WOW Air went bankrupt in 2019, but talk about a revival has been abundant since then. Photo: Airbus

In late 2019, USAerospace Associates purchased WOW Air and began drafting plans to launch services between the US and Iceland. The company worked slowly to plan out possible routes and a new business strategy. In February 2020, the airline rolled out a new marketing strategy, which included cafes and more. However, it is only recently that we have gotten an idea of what the airline has in store for its operation, and it’s quite interesting.

“Making flying fun again”

For anyone who flew WOW Air previously, most attest it wasn’t the most comfortable option, just the cheapest. However, this time around the airline is offering “HonestFares”, which features a new range of amenities and services.

According to WOW’s website, passengers will not have to worry about overweight bags, high seat selection fees, and will even receive free gourmet seasonal meals. Additionally, the airline will also bundle in WiFi access and entertainment with the new fare option. The airline will have a Clean Cabin attendant who will sanitize inflight surfaces prior to meal services and ensure cabin hygiene.

Iceland Air 757
WOW Air could be looking to compete with the struggling Icelandair. Photo: Ozzy Delaney via Flickr

All of this does sound quite exciting for an airline that built itself on offering the most bare-bones service. WOW could also be looking at competing with Iceland Air, which is struggling during this crisis, to become the country’s full-service option. However, looking at the current aviation climate these plans seem quite tough in the near term.

Will this ever happen?

After reading all of this, the question you might be asking is if all of this will ever happen? On the surface, it does seem too good to be true, and the airline has a record of making ambiguous announcements to create excitement. WOW has hired a number of executives to head up its subsidiaries in the US, Iceland, Italy, Russia, and Africa as proof of its plans. However, it is impossible to tell when, or if, these plans will ever come to fruition. When they do, we’ll be first to let you know!

What do you think of WOW’s new business plan? Will the airline be flying any time soon? Let us know in the comments below.