Could WOW Air Relaunch As Soon As Next Month?

A strange report coming out of Iceland indicates that WOW Air could relaunch services as soon as October. Yes, next month. For travelers looking for low cost transatlantic services, this would be welcome news. However, it is questionable exactly how WOW Air 2.0 would make money. Let’s take a look at this announcement.

In a bizarre turn of events, WOW Air could start up as soon as next month. Photo: Airbus

The new WOW Air plans

One Mile at a Time sums up the main points of WOW Air 2.0. Previously, there were inklings of the airline’s revival in the fall. Now, it looks like that day is coming sooner rather than later. The first flights in October, although not for sale and lacking on details, will operate between Washington D.C. and Reykjavik- Keflavik.

Apparently, the airline will keep WOW’s original brandings and logos. This makes sense as there would still be a connection between the brand and those who are aware of the airline’s offerings. Although, there could be something about WOW Air’s collapse (and the fact it stranded hundreds of passengers when it closed) that might turn people away from the new airline.

Details regarding aircraft are still unknown. Unlike the original WOW Air all-Airbus fleet, the new airline seems to like both Boeing and Airbus, although WOW Air has not announced which aircraft they plan to use on their route between Washington and Reykjavik. But, WOW Air does plan on keeping their original fleet small and growing slowly with moderation.

The old WOW Air really burned through destinations quickly and took over a fair number of aircraft, including widebody Airbus A330s. And, long-haul routes can be difficult to turn a profit right off the bat but WOW Air really did not have many other reserves for cash.

WOW Air A330neo
WOW took over widebody A330s and had A330neos on order just before they collapsed. Photo: Airbus

That’s not all…

There is more to this story than meets the eye. In announcing these plans, Michele Ballarin, Chairman of USAerospace Associates LLC, according to an interview on Visir, plans to revamp the passenger experience. This includes more nutritious meals onboard created by a three-star Michelin chef and a passenger lounge experience at both ends, for everyone.

These are clearly incredibly strange advancements for an airline that plans on operating a low-cost model. The choice of the first route is also interesting since WOW will not be able to offer same-metal connections due to only having a U.S. AOC. And, with an $85 million investment, there is a lot riding on the new airline becomming successful. Whether it will is a different story.

WOW A320neo
WOW Air 2.0 still is not guaranteed to turn a profit. Photo: Airbus

So, WOW Air is getting a revamp with a brand new set of backers and believers who overcame some hurdles. This process is happening incredibly quickly for an airline that only recently collapsed due to an unsustainable business model.

Will you fly with the new WOW Air? Do you think WOW Air 2.0 will be a success? Let us know in the comments!