WOW Air 2.0 Set To Open Washington DC Cafe

The aviation world is one that never ceases to amaze. The world lost WOW Air back in March 2019, or so we thought. Since then, plans of a WOW Air relaunch have been swirling about. And now, it appears that WOW Air 2.0 is gearing up for something new: a cafe in Washington D.C.

WOW Air A330
WOW Air 2.0 is getting ready to launch something new in Washington D.C.: a cafe. Photo: Nicky Boogaard via Flickr

WOW Air 2.0 is launching a cafe in D.C

Reading the above heading evokes a series of emotions. While some people may laugh as their first instinct, others may brim with excitement. And then of course for those not immersed in the world of avgeeks, there could be a twinge of confusion. But, users on social media have been prolific when it comes to sharing images of what looks like an up-and-coming cafe.

WOW Air & Cafe is not yet open. And, it is anyone’s best guess what “landing soon” really means. But, the branding is just like the good old WOW Air. There is little other information at the building itself about what this location is, but One Mile At A Time reports that there’s something interesting going on here.

The colors and the branding of the shop are just like good old WOW Air! Photo: Airbus

What is WOW Air & Cafe?

This appears to be a sales office for the upcoming WOW Air 2.0. Although, it is a bit questionable exactly how fish will be able to utilize such a sales office. Perhaps, fish sellers? Or, maybe, WOW Air 2.0 is really gearing up to fly passengers and fish between Washington D.C. and Iceland.

Could this cafe symbolize WOW Air getting ready to fly passengers between D.C. and Iceland? Photo: Airbus

My terrible attempts at humor aside, this is one questionable investment. Are they thinking that passengers, lured in by the words “cafe”, will stick around and buy a plane ticket on a whim to Iceland or beyond (if WOW Air 2.0 does actually fly beyond).

But, this could also be a terrible investment if the sales office really just offers free coffee to those who purchase tickets with WOW Air 2.0. And, given how WOW will really only have one route out of D.C. – unless somehow the airline gains fifth-freedom routes – means that there really aren’t a lot of options for passengers. This is especially true if the low-cost carrier does not offer connections out of Iceland.

WOW Air Cafe DC
It is unclear exactly how beneficial this WOW Air & Cafe really could be to the airline. Photo: Oliver Holzbauer via Flickr

But, then again, this is one unique low-cost carrier. Michelin-star food, lounge access for everyone, and making flying fun again really could be a winner. And then there is also AirAsia. Perhaps WOW Air 2.0’s management sees potential in a chain of airline-inspired cafes and decided to tack on a sales office for differentiation from the competition.


Airline sales offices are not a big deal in and of themselves. But a sales office and cafe for a cargo airline that will have only one route of Washington D.C. (which has yet to be confirmed) is another story. However, until the location opens, we just have to wait and see what this really is. As a DC-area resident, I know I can’t wait to get a taste of what WOW Air & Cafe really has to offer. But if they really do have coffee, I hope it tastes nothing like airplane coffee.

Will you take a trip to WOW Air & Cafe when it opens? What do you make of this? Let us know in the comments!