End Of The Road For XL Airways As Court Rules Liquidation

XL Airways has hit the end of the road. A French court has ruled that the only option left for the airline is liquidation. This comes after the rejection of bids for the struggling airline. The liquidation of XL Airways will leave their passengers seeking alternate arrangements and their staff seeking new positions. This marks yet another demise of a European airline in the last few weeks.

XL AIrways
XL Airways stopped selling tickets very recently. Photo: Bill Abbott via Flickr

XL Airways liquidation

Simple Flying recently reported that XL Airways received a bid from an Aigle Azur investor. Unfortunately, Frenchly is reporting that a French court has rejected that bid. The Bobigny Commerical Court did not deem that offer to be a viable path forward for the airline.

A recent bid for XL Airways proved to be unviable in the eyes of a French court. Photo: Maxime via Wikimedia

This means now that the airline’s employees no longer have a job. And, passengers who are booked on XL Airways will need to seek other travel options. As is the case with airline collapses, passengers should seek out carriers who have “rescue fares” available to help those who were affected by XL Airways’ demise.

What should XL Airways passengers do?

Now that it is confirmed that XL Airways will be liquidated after ceasing operations, passengers have several options. First, some credit cards and travel agencies offer travel insurance that could help reimburse the cost of the trip or else accommodate passengers through a different outlet. In addition, passengers should contact other carriers to enquire about rescue fares. These fares are special, discounted rates for passengers who were ticketed on XL Airways. Although, in some cases, passengers will need to have begun their journey in order to take advantage of special fares.

XL Airways liquidation
Passengers booked on an XL Airways flight should seek opportunities for compensation and alternate travel arrangements. Photo: Tomas Del Coro via Flickr

Will there be an XL Airways revitalization?

Sometimes, a defunct carrier may be reinvigorated through the help of outside investors. Some investors recently sought to do the same with WOW Air. However, at this time, it is unclear if there are other investors for XL Airways after liquidation. It may be time for this carrier to stay grounded as there is plenty of capacity to go around on European carriers. Instead, it is likely that existing carriers may seek to fill in any gaps left by XL Airways’ demise or else bolster their own operations to stay afloat.

XL Airways
The revitalization of XL Airways is unlikely to happen anytime soon, if at all. Photo: Tomas Del Coro via Flickr


The liquidation of XL Airways marks the demise of yet another European carrier in the past few weeks. Although some carriers have reported high load factors and profits, others are struggling to get by. Hopefully, passengers booked on XL Airways flights will be able to make it home safely or else go on vacation through other arrangements.

Are you affected by the liquidation of XL Airways? Do you think XL Airways should relaunch? Let us know in the comments!