You Can Now Book A 16Hour North Pole Sightseeing Flight

In the past, we have covered the amazing Antarctica flight that leaves from the southernmost points in the world and takes you on a whirlwind adventure across the great southern continent.

But now an airline is offering flights to see the polar arctic north!

“AirEvents invite you to join us on the next Arctic Sightseeing Flight. In cooperation with our new airline partner Edelweiss Air we take you comfortably and exclusively from Zurich to the North Pole!”

Where does it fly?

Leaving from central Europe in Zurich, passengers board an A340-313 for a 16-hour flight to the far north. The below has been compiled from their website, so the language may seem a little flowery.

The light will fly up over Germany, Denmark and Norway (Giving fantastic views of the world famous fjords) before reaching Spitsbergen. In May to August, this area of the world has 24 hours of sunlight, ensuring that nothing will be missed for the entire trip.

Following that, the ice sheets will appear on the horizon and the plane will crawl towards the north pole, celebrating what takes months on the ground.

Once passed the topmost point, the plane will fly twice around the world, passing over the international date line twice much to the confusion of chronophobes (People who have a fear of time passing!).

Interestingly, from this point its actually very quick to fly into USA airspace as the plane is very close to the top of Alaska.

Once the passengers have had their fill, the plane turns south (which is every direction from here) and will head along the eastern side of Greenland. The flight concludes with a fly-by of Iceland and returns back to Switzerland.

The trip will fly through 8 different countries and give countless memories. You might even see a polar bear or two.

Naturally, with global temperatures on the rise, this might be some people’s only chance to see ice sheets and glaciers in their natural environment. Although something could be said about the greenhouse emissions to do so.

Flights can be found for as cheap at $499 EUR, but naturally, it is for the worst seats in the plane. Passengers can spend up to $9999 EUR for the best seats in a lie-flat business class.

You can check out the flights here.

Here is the fine print:

  • This product is a flight-only trip and not a package tour.
  • Departure from Zurich is on Friday, 10.05.2019 at 20:40h. Check-in closes 1,5 hours earlier, at 19:10h. Online-check-in is not possible.
  • For check-in each passenger has to provide a passport or a Swiss or EU identity card.
  • Estimated arrival is on Saturday, 11.05.2019 at approx. 13:25h. Due to the special kind of flight (“the journey is the reward”) delays are possible.
  • Cancellation fees: after booking until 6 months prior to departure 20%, until 3 months prior to departure 50%, until 28 days prior to departure 85%, afterwards 90%, for no-show 100% of the flight price.
  • Baggage check-in is not possible. You can carry one piece of hand luggage (max. 55cm x 40cm x 23cm, max. 8kg) per passenger.
  • If the flight is interrupted after take-off due to higher force (like medical event or technical failure), AirEvents cannot be made liable.