You Can Now Own Part Of A Lufthansa Airbus A320

Recently, we’ve seen keyrings made from old aircraft really take off (if you’ll pardon the pun). However, Lufthansa has gone a step further with its new Upcycling Collection 2.0. The German flag carrier has ripped apart one of its old Airbus A320s, turning it into everything from bars to coffee tables.

Lufthansa, Upcycling, Airbus A320
Lufthansa today launched its Upcycling Collection 2.0 Photo: Lufthansa

Lufthansa is known for its innovative upcycling collection. Indeed, last year the airline launched its original upcycling collection, which saw everything from blankets to headrests turned into a variety of upcycled items such as bags. However, now the airline has gone a step further with its second upcycling collection, selling whole aircraft parts.

D-AIPA is upcycled

Today, Lufthansa launched its Upcycling Collection 2.0. The second iteration of the collection is the around the Airbus A320, with many of the pieces coming from a retired aircraft, D-AIPA.

Lufthansa, Upcycling, Airbus A320
The pieces come from D-AIPA, Lufthansa’s first Airbus Aircraft. Photo: Oliver Roesler via Lufthansa

D-AIPA was initially delivered to Lufthansa over three decades ago in October 1989. The aircraft has a special place in the hearts of many aviation enthusiasts, as it was the first A320 family aircraft operated by Lufthansa.

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Following just under 30 years of service, the aircraft was withdrawn from use in May last year, according to Having been removed from service, the Airbus A320 was then sent to Sofia in May 2019. In Sofia, the aircraft, named Buxtehude after the German town, met its end. However, parts of the plane live on!

Lufthansa, Upcycling, Airbus A320
The aircraft was retired early last year after almost 30 years in service. Photo: Oliver Roesler via Lufthansa

Upcycling Collection 2.0

Lufthansa’s second upcycling collection is mostly made out of the metal that once built D-AIPA’s body. Of course, the airline is selling Aviationtag keyrings made from the fuselage. These range from £22 to £42 ($29-55) depending on the color. Recently, keyrings from the first A380 to be retired sold out in hours.

Lufthansa, Upcycling, Airbus A320
Of course, Lufthansa is offering Aviationtag keyrings. Photo: Lufthansa

Then there are the serious collector’s pieces. These start with a table sculpture costing £165 ($216.20). Other articles include coffee tables made of everything from speed brakes and flaps. There is even a coffee table made out of the aircraft’s wingtip. This piece would set buyers back £2,804 ($3,674).

Lufthansa, Upcycling, Airbus A320
The airline is selling a coffee table made from the A320’s wingtip. Photo: Lufthansa

While there are wall bars made from vertical sections of the fuselage (think of the windows as a little ledge), the highlight of the collection is a horizontal freestanding bar. Costing over £7,000 ($9,172), this piece is constructed from one of the aircraft’s main exit doors.

Lufthansa, Upcycling, Airbus A320
The highlight of the collection is a freestanding bar made of an Airbus A320’s door. Photo: Lufthansa

More to come

As Lufthansa continues to retire its older Airbus A320 aircraft, expect to see more upcycling pieces in the future. D-AIPC is the next aircraft in line to receive the treatment, with Lufthansa hinting that the plane will be turned into lifestyle products.

Lufthansa, Upcycling, Airbus A320
Lufthansa hinted that there is more to come from D-AIPC. Photo: Lufthansa

Commenting on the program, Stefan Wolf, Deputy Head of the A320 fleet at Lufthansa said,

“I’m a big fan of upcycling if only for the sake of the environment. I like the idea of giving high-quality resources from aircraft a new and different lease of life; they’re not simply converted into raw materials, but inspire designers to create beautiful things.”

Which piece would you be most keen to buy? Let us know what you think and why in the comments!