Your Next Domestic Flight Could Have The Nicest Bathroom Ever…

In a world of smaller seats, cramped planes and dingy cabins, the idea that you soon could have a nicer bathroom in the air than at home is laughable.

Until, of course, you fly on the new Delta Airbus A220.

Your Next Domestic Flight Could Have The Nicest Bathroom Ever…
Delta Airbus A220

Introducing the nicest domestic plane bathroom ever

Naturally, the best bathroom in the sky is with the Gulf carriers, who include enough room to lie down (not that you would want to) and have a built-in shower available (after lying down of course). But for domestic travel, the new Delta aircraft, the A220, takes the cake.

Your Next Domestic Flight Could Have The Nicest Bathroom Ever…
Only the two rear bathrooms have windows, but all three on board are very spacious

The bathroom features a missing feature on most, a window. Then it is actually rather spacious, with enough room to turn around and not bend over the entire time.

Delta is the launch customer for the new Airbus A220. The A220 was formally known as the Bombardier C100 but after a fierce legal battle with Boeing (who some would argue unfairly banned the plane from the United States) allied with Airbus to finish the planes in their Alabama facility. Reportedly, the deal only cost Airbus $1.

We have gone into great detail why the Airbus A220 is such a fantastic aircraft, how it might beat the famous Boeing 737 and how the JetBlue founder is hedging all his bets on the new aircraft changing the aviation game.

The A220 seat configuration.

Delta has 75 planes on order and will be using the jets to replace aircraft on its feeder routes.

What is the A220 like?

Delta has loaded the A220 with consumer-comfort features including more room in coach, bigger windows throughout the aircraft, bigger screens at each seat, faster Wi-Fi and phone chargers, ambient lighting and a bathroom window. – Forbes

But why a bathroom window? Upon being asked the question, Delta CEO Ed Bastian answered “The engineer said there was an opportunity to put it in and we said ‘Go for it.'”

Your Next Domestic Flight Could Have The Nicest Bathroom Ever…
Delta shows off its new jet to members of the press.

The seats are not half bad either, with 18 inches of width and surprisingly up to a large 32 inches of pitch. For one, we are happy an airline is going the opposite to the industry trend of smaller leg room. The Delta version of the A220 also features a first-class seat that is even more impressive (although not lie flat) with 20.5 inches of width and a little more than 32 inches of pitch.

The new plane will start service from January 31st, on the LaGuardia-Dallas route for Delta Airlines.

“This brings a new level of product to consumers in a smaller-gauge airplane… that feels like a wide-body aircraft”. – Delta CEO Ed Bastian

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