Japan Airlines’ New Low Cost Carrier ‘ZIPAIR’ Reveals Stunning Livery

Tokyo – Japan Airlines has launched a new low cost carrier called ZIPAIR Tokyo. The carrier is due to launch in the Summer of 2020 in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

About ZIPAIR Tokyo

ZIPAIR Tokyo is a new low cost carrier founded by Japan Airlines. At launch, ZIPAIR Tokyo will have a fleet of just two Boeing 787-8s (transferred over from Japan Airlines). However, it’s likely that both routes and fleet will grow rapidly once the airline is up and running.

From 2021, ZIPAIR is due to take delivery of two 787-8’s per year for four years, bringing the airline to a total fleet of 10. The airline plans to target US west coast destinations from Narita, but will initially focus on shorter routes in Asia.


The name ZIPAIR comes from ‘to zip’, and also references traveling to various zip codes around the world.


The new livery

Today ZIPAIR Tokyo has held a press event and revealed their new livery. An agency based in Tokyo called Six Inc has developed the airline’s logo and livery.

ZIPAIR Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner. Photo: ZIPAIR

I think the livery is stunning. It’s simple and has an almost retro feel to it. It will certainly stand out in the saturated low cost carrier market in Asia.


ZIPAIR Tokyo crew uniforms

ZIPAIR’s crew uniforms have been revealed and they seem to be very modern and edgy:

ZIPAIR Cabin Crew Uniforms. Photo: Simple Flying

ZIPAIR Tokyo launch date and routes

JAL have applied for an AOC under Article 100 of Aviation Law to operate these two aircraft on routes to Bangkok and Seoul from Summer 2020.

The Japanese low cost market

LCCs currently make up around 10% of domestic flights in Japan, and it is expected this will rise to around 30% over the next decade.

The Japanese government has set a target to increase tourism to 40m visitors per year by 2020 and to 60m by 2030. Having a low cost long haul carrier in Japan is a great step to achieve these goals.


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Is this a joke?

an agency was paid for that?


This is what this planet needs: A new airline and more flights.
Devil may care.

Cina Ahpek

Agree with Ghiom’s comments.

Having to pay an agency for something so uninspiring and so unimaginative as that, if I am a JAL shareholder, I would be very angry . What a waste of money!

Hope that Zipair will not end up like Joon from Air France.


Another terrible Livery …the story above says stunning ??? My gawd get some glasses !!!! … Just as bad as Flair Air here in Canada …


To be honest, I think the agency could do better because the livery looks kind of bland.


Stunning?? Heehee! Retro is one thing, but retro is meaningless if an airline has no history. Maybe they did it to engender a feel-good quality to a cheap product, but most people don’t see the outside of their aircraft at all, let alone give them a feel-good impression. This kind of malarky is just costing shareholders, and thus PAX, a lotta money. What a lot of bunkum. Cheers, ZipperAir, but try take a leaf out of Jetstar’s livery: an all alloy look a la DC-8 or B-707 with a corporate identity livery/paint scheme. No one will mistake Jetstar for AirAsia… Read more »